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[The following information is not a contract, nor a bid, nor an offer to provide services.  This page is here to help define what Andeco Software, LLC can and will do for our clients and how Andeco Software determines its compensation.  This information is here to give you an idea of what you can expect when hiring Andeco Software, LLC.]




Terms of Hiring:


  • Hiring Paul Therrien (Andeco Software), is EASY.  Call me at (225) 229-2491!  E-mail me at Paul Therrien .


  • Andeco Software LLC is normally hired at an hourly rate for programming and systems analysis work.   Analysis of software requirements, design of software and the coding, testing and implementation of the software are all charged at the same rate for the skills and services of Paul Therrien, principal consultant. 


  • If additional resources (i.e. programmers, documentation specialists, technicians), are required from Andeco Software the charges and rates for these additional resources will be negotiated based on the type of work required from the resource and the level of experience of the resource. 


  • For projects with a defined deliverable package the project can be estimated for time and total cost.  The estimate given is based on a stated hourly rate and expected time needed to complete the various deliverables of the project.  The estimate may not reflect the actual final cost.


  • At Andeco Software we strive to arrive at reasonable time and cost estimates and then do all that we can to bring the project in ahead of time and below the cost estimate. 


  • A defined deliverable package (project specification), is a list of screens, functions, reports, interfaces, documentation and other pertinent computer objects that can be described and identified as being part of a software package.  A defined deliverable package determines what the final software will do and what you, the client, can expect of the software provided by Andeco Software.


  • Andeco Software can be hired to do the analysis of the business requirements and then create a project specification.   The project specification can then be used to request a quote from Andeco Software, LLC or from other vendors to actually create the software.


  • Andeco Software can be hired to do the programming from project specifications created by you or a third party.


  • All hiring options are negotiable.


  • Hiring Paul Therrien (Andeco Software), is EASY.  Call me at (225) 229-2491!  E-mail me at Paul Therrien .



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