Computer Software Programmer and Systems Analyst

Software Analysis, Design and Coding

Paul Therrien is Andeco Software, LLC of Danbury, Connecticut

I am a free-lance software consultant specializing in IBM I (aka AS400), computer programming.

My objectives as a computer programmer are:

  • To assist organizations looking to build faster, more effective, and more efficient companies through the development of quality software; where the information technology department is an integral component of the company‚Äôs strategy to expand and prosper.
  • Develop faster, more efficient software applications in order to increase the effectiveness of automated processes related to computer systems and the software that runs them.
  • Use proven software analysis and coding skills to help companies, municipalities, and businesses design and create software that will increase the effectiveness, accuracy and speed of automated computer processes there-by reducing the costs of doing business, creating increased profits, and reducing the time required to achieve the desired results.

I am available for a free initial consultation:

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